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Hesperia launches latest Rivermark release through LandNow

Leading WA developers Hesperia executed a world-first digital innovation recently, releasing their latest land estate lots for sale exclusively to their preferred builders through a partnership with the LandNow online platform.

Under the collaboration, Hesperia released Stage 3B lots for its new Rivermark project exclusively to builders through LandNow before releasing them to the general public.

This release was a resounding success, with nine lots going live, including a trio of lots from a previous release. Unsurprisingly, 8 lots were snapped up and immediately put on hold through LandNow within the first day, with seven then quickly moving to sold thereafter. Just one lot remains available, a testament to the high demand and the effectiveness of the partnership and the platform. 

This exclusive lot release partnership was extremely effective, giving Hesperia instant insights into lots being put on hold and moving to sold, rather than waiting days or even weeks using traditional methods. Builders were able to quickly assess suitability and place holds on behalf of their clients rather than play a laborious game of phone tag.

“In a booming market like we are currently experiencing in WA, releasing lots through LandNow allows developers to reward their loyal partners by giving them first access in a way that is both transparent and easy to manage,” Tony said. 

“We're delighted to have collaborated with Hesperia on our new Exclusive Release feature and to see it work so successfully with Rivermark.”

LandNow is a revolutionary new B2B platform that connects developers and builders to create a transparent, fast and stress-free way to buy and sell land. For developers, LandNow provides a real-time inventory management system giving them greater control over their sales. For builders, it delivers a much faster and easier way to find and secure suitable land for clients and provides interactive mapping features including size, measurements, access to services and topography. 

The platform allows users to place real-time Holds or even initiate a Buy Now transaction for customers by simply entering their details. This level of flexibility puts builders and developers in control, enhancing their ability to meet customer needs promptly.

“LandNow allows builders to access up-to-date information on land releases effortlessly, saving time and enabling them to make informed decisions and deliver better customer service,” Tony said. 

Hesperia operates across a diverse range of disciplines within the property and sustainability sectors. With its focus, experience, relationships, and in-house expertise, it drives large, complex projects significantly faster than others. Its aim is to make a significant contribution to the health and prosperity of Western Australia through the creation of inspiring, innovative, and sustainable places to live and work.

As part of the project, LandNow digitised the land price list and inventory availability, giving builders a seamless, intuitive, and real-time experience in sourcing land from the Rivermark project. 

“Hesperia is committed to embracing innovation and efficiency in its operations and it was great to be able to work in partnership with them on this important release to give them this level of control over their land release,” Tony said. 

“We believe examples like Hesperia are supporting LandNow to revolutionise how the building industry searches and secures land and are excited to be at the forefront of this industry-first initiative.”

To obtain access to Stage 3B of Rivermark, builders need to register and onboard the platform.

To see a demo of the LandNow platform, click here.



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