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How much can developers save using LandNow?

Updated: Jan 30

How much does traditional marketing cost you as a developer? And how much could you save by moving across to a digital platform like LandNow?

LandNow, Australia’s leading marketplace for buying and selling land, has launched an interactive cost calculator tool to demonstrate the value of its platform for developers and builders. The tool showcases how much money and time developers can save by gaining member access to the proprietary and custom-built LandNow platform.

Marketing is essential in the property industry, but it can also be expensive. Designing and printing brochures, creating EDMs, printing price lists, and designing customer portals require a considerable amount of time and money.

By providing member access to the LandNow platform, developers can save more than $20,000 per year across a range of marketing resources while also saving developers and their marketing teams valuable time while also providing a service that shortens the customer journey and makes it more transparent.

“We understand the costs and challenges of marketing to potential customers for developers and LandNow has been designed specifically to assist developers reduce these costs,” said Tony McEntee, the CEO of LandNow “The calculator lets developers type in their own costs and provides a personalised estimate capturing how much they can expect to save while still promoting their developments to builder reps across WA.”

LandNow’s platform provides developers with a platform that gives builder reps real-time access to their greenfields inventory. Builder reps can see what blocks of land are available, details about each block, and put blocks on hold. Its interface is user-friendly making it easy to use for both developers and builders.

By using LandNow, developers can increase their product exposure while spending only a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. This platform offers targeted marketing to builder representatives and has an inbuilt stock management system that integrates with CRM software.

To discover how much your business can save by using the LandNow platform, you can find our savings calculator:


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