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LandNow receives important cyber security rating

Landnow is leading the way in cyber and data security, with ProcessUnity (formerly Cyber GRX) providing the land sales platform with a preliminary high-level ranking based on industry benchmarks. 

ProcessUnity - identified as a leader in Third Party Risk Management Platforms by research company Forrester this year - uses a top level cyber risk assessment methodology to identify both inherent and residual risks. It does this through a near real-time threat analysis together with independent evidence validation. This provides customers with an understanding of any cyber risks posed by their platform to their own customers and gives a holistic view of their platform security. 

The CEO of LandNow, Tony McEntee, said that with major property development companies joining the platform, robust cybersecurity protocols were more important than ever.

“Assessing our own capabilities in the area of data security was extremely important to us, as is being able to offer our clients – who are some of the largest businesses in Australia – a platform they can rely on,” Tony said. 

“We live in a time where cybersecurity and data safety is of utmost importance, and it's critical for us to be able to demonstrate via third-party verification we have the right policies and protocols in place and are in line with Australian and global best practices. 

“The great news from this analysis is that LandNow has passed the test and is in the process of being recognised as meeting the highest of industry benchmarks. We are sitting at a level well above what would be expected of a startup, which we are very proud of.”

LandNow CTO, Peter Joseph, said the tech team at LandNow had worked hard to weave a fabric of resilience and adaptability into its very core and leverage the most advanced solutions available.

“This approach isn't merely about safeguarding data; it's about forging a foundation of trust upon which property developers can confidently market their land and builders can securely engage,” Peter said. 

Mr Joseph said all customers could now request a free security report from Process Unity on LandNow as part of their own cyber security audits. 

The ProcessUnity review included a thorough analysis of Google Cloud's security protocols and compliance with industry standards, covering over 200 controls. The assessment was independently validated and integrated Google Cloud's responses with analytics, threat intelligence, and risk models. The assessment report provides detailed information on the strength, coverage, and timeliness of the controls and their effectiveness in mitigating cyber risks.

“Landnow wasn’t built in a hurry,” Tony said. “We built the platform to the highest standard, to ensure it is a platform not just for the present, but for the future.

“We will continue to take an innovation and efficiency first focus not only to the technologies we use, but towards the efficiencies we can, in turn, deliver to builders and developers.” 


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