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Major WA developers join LandNow platform

Updated: Jan 18

We are excited to announced that two new respected WA developers – Hesperia and Celsius - have joined LandNow, Australia’s leading online marketplace to manage, search and secure land.

Hesperia operates across a diverse range of disciplines within the property and sustainability sectors. With their focus, experience, relationships and in-house expertise, they drive large, complex projects significantly faster than others. Their aim is to make a significant contribution to the health and prosperity of Western Australia through the creation of inspiring, innovative and sustainable places to live and work.

Celsius has a mission to help the people of Western Australia thrive through property occupancy and investment. Their three main departments, Celsius Property, Celsius Finance and Celsius Developments, enable them to connect with people throughout the property lifecycle including sellers, buyers, landlords, renters, strata owners, developers and investors. This ‘360-degree perspective’ of property ensures our management systems are sophisticated and our understanding of the marketplace deeply comprehensive.

Both developers will be releasing land through the LandNow platform in early 2024. 

By joining the LandNow platform, both Hesperia and Celsius are joining the growing list of West Australian developers within the LandNow network.

As LandNow members, both developers will get access to our industry leading platform, with live updates and inventory, best in class mapping, the ability to view lot holds, detailed filter searching, a custom user dashboard, saved searches, and much more. 

With a mission to connect developers with home builders via a leading, centralised online platform to manage, search and secure land, LandNow is a custom built, live online marketplace already creating a stir in Australia’s property market. 

Led by well-regarded industry professional Tony McEntee, LandNow provides the house and land industry with a far better solution to the paper-based land inventories. 

“For so long, builders and developers have been relying on antiquated methods to search and secure land,” said Tony. 

“Live inventory and digital mapping solutions will save builders 30 hours per month and give them the tools to create a more personalised service for buyers. 

“For the developers, the efficiencies in shortening the buyer journey and receiving real-time data will change how they operate, resulting in a better buying experience for the customer”. 

Learn more about LandNow here.



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