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Great to see you at UDIA Congress

Updated: Mar 20

After launching in Western Australia to a hugely positive response, LandNow has launched its proprietary B2B platform on the east coast at the UDIA National Congress.

There are currently circa 650 active land estates in Australia. LandNow expects to play a central role nationally with forecasts of between 47,000 to 50,000 greenfield lots annually to be transacted.

LandNow is an industry-developed platform that streamlines how builders find, hold and buy land sites through its real time land availability and superior mapping. Expanding out of the west to the eastern states is the next logical step to support the industry.

In Western Australia, where LandNow launched first in October last year, there are approximately 120 projects, and builder referrals make up to 93% of those. There are more than 475 builders sales reps in WA alone. 

Not all states are the same, although the importance of B2B relationships is going to support a growing sales channel beyond just B2C.

“Sending PDF pricelists by email is outdated and unreliable, creating cumbersome and unnecessary work for builders,” said LandNow CEO, Tony McEntee. 

“While some developers have websites that provide live stock holdings, builder reps don’t have time to visit each individual website, nor can they manually open and keep track of the 50 plus weekly emails they receive now. That’s where LandNow delivers a far superior experience.”

LandNow is solving the problems of inefficiency and a historical lack of innovation in the house and land industry. Builder reps can save up to 40 hours per month, shortening the buyer journey so they can call more leads and sell more. 

Developers have more visibility over which reps are actively following them and can communicate in real-time with their B2B partners.

Tony said the platform had already proven itself valuable in Western Australia; and the team was excited to demonstrate it at the UDIA National Congress and discuss what it means for the industry on the east coast.

“There are a lot of interstate investors that move with the property cycles,” Tony said. 

“Generally, they tie up a lot of stock – our platform means this can open up Australia to interstate referrers across state borders making transacting in different states more transparent and easier to manage.”

Tony said the industry had traditionally been asking the same questions for decades - Is this lot still available? Can I put this on hold? Do you have anything coming back to market? LandNow removed all of this noise by making it clearly visible in a central location what was on market and its market status. 

“We also know a lot of B2B information and market knowledge is anecdotal and LandNow has solutions to pull that together too,” Tony said. 

“Our platform updates the data in real-time, showing price movements, search criteria, response times, and can provide answers to the questions builders and developers are asking.”

The two winners of our competition were Tim Hyland from RPM Group, and Dean Fiore from LD Total.


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